Hej! 👋 I am Kinga Király aka kinga.design.

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This is kinga.design

I am a junior UI/UX designer based in Aarhus, Denmark. I strive for crafting high quality products/experiences. At the moment, I am looking for a UI/UX internship in Aarhus where I can contribute with my skills & passion for design.

as an intern...

What value can I bring to your company?

🔥 love for design

For me, "design" doesn't end after school or work – and I don't mind that. I don't view designing as "a job", more like an important element of my lifestyle and identity. I do get delighted when I hear about an innovation, see a smart interaction, build a wireframe, or find that perfect font for the design project I am working on. Getting knowledge about design is a life-long learning curve. There is no such thing as too much knowledge!

💭 Holistic mindset

In the past few years I have been practicing how to view the world (therefore UX) holistically. An app or its functionality isn't just an isolated piece of code but a part of the user's life. A banking app may not just be a tool to send money but something that is an important element for someone's well-being. The UX designer's quest is to connect the user's needs, the look-and-feel of the product, the business paradigms, the backend, the research - having a holistic mindset is vital for this.

📱 User in mind

A (tough) lesson I learnt in the recent years, that in the end of the day, sexy fonts, trendy gradients or another buzzword won't help the user. It is the focus and respect to their needs. As designers, we have to be honest with ourselves: if we add or design this functionality, will that make anyone's life easier?

🌍 International eye

Hejså, Szia, Hola, ਸਤਿ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ, (the list goes on...)! Acquiring cultural intelligence and emphaty is key in today's market. Via my studies I already have experience working with people from 20+ nationalities. I am comfortable switching between languages, and happy to get insights into different cultures.

🛠️ diverse toolkit

...because hard skills are still needed. My weapons of mass creation are Affinity Designer, Adobe CC Ps–Ai–Id–Xd. Besides that, I am also familiar with Realtime Board, Figma, InVision, Loom, Slack, MeisterTask, basic front-end development, digital photography and SoMe. And I saved the best ones for the last: the good old paper and pen.

👥 Team spirit

A key experience of my education journey in Denmark: the discovery of how great it is to work in teams. Now I consider myself a team player. In team projects I usually take the role of the observer (be it about the user's behavior or the design team's dynamics), and the specialist (working on tasks that require spefic deeper knowledge).

Highlighted works

Graphics and experiences designed with love

DR:NU for Danske Radio and EAAA

UX architecture and concept development

DR:NU is DRTV's new channel. We added these features to the webpage so it will deliver news in a non-traditional way to attract back the young users: "new habits for the new generation".

admissions.dk for STIL and EAAA

UI&UX design

The new Admissions.dk website not only received a fresh design, it also became ultimate place for students who want to get inspired, informed or apply to a course right away. The team made improvements in terms of UX heuristics, as well as added progress bars to the application, which was a main pain reliever to the users, as they often felt confused about their process.

WeEat for EAAA

Concept Development

WeEat is a concept of an app that is the go-to solution for the extreme users (people on special diets), as well as regular users who would like to have fun trying new recipes with their friends. The app answers the users' needs by being personalisable for all kinds of diets; presenting options; helping to choose a meal; giving possibity to rate or save a recipe; and importantly, lets the user to organize a dinner with their friends. Click here to watch the prototype in motion.

WiWi for Danske Bank and EAAA

UI&UX design

winner of Danske Bank's case competition in 2017 autumn
The WiWi App, is a result of combining self-reflection and personal finance. It lets the user rate previous purchases, set up goals and receive rewards – thus helping the user to be more financially mindful.

Domou for develco products, design-people and EAAA

Smart Home Concept / UI design

Say hi to Domou! The team took the challenge of inventing a new device concept that solves both smart home management –and communication issues.

Den Kreative Ramme

Visual Identity

Logo design and other elements for a new local creative platform in Dronninglund. The Danish word “ramme” means frame. In this context, “frame” can be interpreted in two ways: 1. frame in painting, photography, video (most of the community’s members are from these areas) and 2. methaphorically: frame, as something that holds things together (...a community).

Broken Rainbow for Katalin Ladik

print design

My grandmother, Katalin Ladik has received a prestigious award in 2016. To commemorate this occasion, she made a gift – a song – and with my CD cover design I helped her project as well.

acb gallery

print design

During my first internship in 2015 I redesigned a set of business cards for a hungarian contemprorary art gallery.

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